Garage Door Spring Repair

Is Your Garage Door Spring Broken?

While there are some DIY maintenance components that you may be equipped to deal with, garage door springs are not one of them. Torsion springs are the hardest working part of any garage door and consequently are usually the first part to break. Torsion springs are under alot tension and you could be seriously injured or damage your property if they are not replaced properly. We recommend you hire a professional to repair your garage door. Even professional door repair technicians, who are fully knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced, report that they have been injured from time to time, despite their best efforts.

Broken Garage Door Spring - Before


Broken Garage Door Spring - After


Torsion springs are devices that lift most of the weight of a garage door so that the door can be opened manually or by an electric opener. The torsion principle is applied by an efficient and economical apparatus consisting of a torsion shaft under spring torsion, which turns lift drums, which wind cables attached to the door. All of this equipment is mounted over the top of the door.

Garage Service Pros will always advise you of the present state of your springs and whether they need maintenance. We will never install a part you do not need and we will always advise of all of your options. We guarantee all of our spring repair work. Please call us with any question you may have